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Tradesignal’s Easy-To-Use Programming Language


Coding Made Simple

All of our built-in modular functions make it much easier to program than traditional programming languages. The syntax is simple and can be read in plain English.

This in-house proprietary programming language is based on the widespread languages of Pascal and Visual Basic. Compared to classic programming languages or Python, programming with Equilla is fast and easy.

This example shows the simplicity: A crossover of two long and short averages with the corresponding buy and sell signals. Any parameters in the inputs will be able to be optimised.

Strategy Wizard

Three Easy Steps

In addition to quickly and easily creating synthetic securities such as spreads with the ability to combine tickers from multiple data sources, you can delegate the programming of your algo trading strategy to the built-in strategy wizard.

Step 1

Select the rules for entry and exit.

Step 2

The strategy wizard creates the Equilla code.

Step 3

View the final code created in the strategy wizard. In this example, a simple strategy that trades only on Tuesdays when the market is in an uptrend was created. The position is set to be closed when a specific holding time is exceeded.

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Next Steps

Enquire About Tradesignal

For more information about Tradesignal, please get in touch with our team using our form or call us on +44 (0) 20 7960 5511. Alternatively, feel free to book a demo session with one of our product specialists or attend one of our upcoming webinars.

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