Data Analytics - New for 2019

Archive: A complete record of market orders and trade data combined with your own activity for all venues connected to your Joule Direct company. Archived data is stored securely and is accessible to help advance your trading decisions.

Insight: Access data via a suite of sophisticated analytics tools within Joule. Enhance your real-time decision making by leveraging historical and intraday analytics dashboards.

Enrichment: Trading data is pre-enriched with high quality reference data and counterparty information. Enriched data is made available via dashboards to provide trading insight and on the existing API to help simplify trade capture.

Foresight: The entire tick-by-tick data of all your Trayport markets and major energy reference benchmarks available to build, test and train models.

The proposed new data API will supply both snapshotted and streamed historic order and trade data to develop, test and train algorithms. As part of this process Trayport will be conducting a number of consultations and workshops starting in Q2 2019.

To register interest please contact your client relationship manager or email us at clientmanagerstraders@trayport.com.

The Data Analytics service is available to clients in 2019 subject to contract.